Windfarm Project

The board of Roseland Community Energy Trust, along with our many supporters and partners, have been working on the possible creation of a completely Community Owned Windfarm in Bolsover District for over five years.

The plan, if it had come to fruition, would have seen us building one of the largest community owned wind-farms in the country. It would have generated around £700,000 pa for 20+ years which would all have gone  directly to work in our local communities. By the time we had drawn in the match funding that this income would have attracted, the project would have generated, at a conservative estimate, over £25m over the next 20 years.

On March 13th, 2015 we were informed that the Secretary of State, on advice from the Planning Inspector, had turned down Roseland’s appeal against the rejection of its original planning application. A copy of that full report can be found here.

Following receipt of that report the board of Roseland has taken legal advice and has decided not to pursue any further challenges to this decision. The government had previously stated that Community Ownership of renewable energy projects was the way in which it wanted the industry to proceed. We were greatly disappointed that no consideration to that policy was given in the final decision.

There are still many areas of high deprivation in the communities that would have benefitted directly from the funds generated by this project. The government’s austerity programme has cut back on many of the funding sources that would have benefited those suffering from deprivation, and traditional sources of grant funding have, consequently, been stretched as a consequence. The re-election of a conservative government means that austerity programme will continue and there will be little other help available for these communities. We are sad not to have been able to take this step toward producing genuine community owned finance against that environment.

The Roseland Board would like to thank the many individuals and organisations that have provided support over the last few years. It was a bold proposal, and one that we are sad not to see succeed.